Etoro Copy Trading Update – 03/Feb/2019

My latest copy trading update! It's Sunday evening, the markets will open again in around six hours, and it's almost time for another trading week.

Here's my profile on Etoro:

Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

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 So what's been happening?

It's been a bit of a rought start to the month so far, with 'DazPanda' - a very new addition to the portfolio, losing me around 1% of my entire portoflio's value in a matter of days... It's not been going well. Another trader, Manusabrina, has also been fairing pretty poorly, and I'm starting to wonder whether it's time to wrap these two copies up.

The was just a big decision and change of setiment around interest rates in the United States, and I know that can have a big impact on how everyone trades, so at the moment, I'm waiting a little to see if these two traders can capitalise on any change in trend which the new interest rate info can cause...

How's the portfolio changing?

The other guys in the portfolio have all been trading well, with most of them having lower risk scores and volatility (swinging up and down) than Dazpanda and manusabrina. I'm looking into other traders to copy, and in my search, I've actually gone back to some of the older traders - the ones who were riding high and popular when I first started using Etoro in 2016. When the 2017 crypto-fever took hold, these more stable traders were forgotten as everyone (including me) saw the huge profits being generated by the crypto traders and jumped on board.

Now though, I'm back looking specifically for the lower-risk people to copy and Berrau is certainly one who's on my radar. I also re-look at CatyFX who I did actually copy for a short period in 2017 before stopping the copy to plough my funds into the crypto-sphere... The other trader I look at, who I really do want to copy, is Harshmith who tradesmostly equities, but from what he says, is ready for potential downturns, and seems to apply really good risk management rules to his trading and portfolio. I'd also like to see whether the new interest rate moves in America can be capitalised on by someone like him...

All three of them have very low drawdowns, within my 15% rough limit, which is great. Harsmith does look like my most likely candidate though, although copying him would make it a bit harder for people to copy me due to the minimum trade sizes rule for copy trading. I'll explain that in another video as it's a bit complicated. I'm still having a think. As a trader, I think he's a good choice.

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Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.