Etoro Copy Trading Update – 29/Jan/2019

Here's another update about my copy trading adventrues on Etoro. In this one, I introduce a new trader to the portfolio - Olivier Danvel.

Here's my profile on Etoro:

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He's a very low-risk trader with a few years of history and no monthly losses whatsoever statistically. I've never seen that before - normally, there's a fair amount of losses shown when you look at someone's statistics over 3 years, but not so with Olivier.

He had apparently kept his profile private until recently (I asked why I'd never seen him on the site before) and now that he's visible, I reckon the copiers will roll in. He trades mainly forex, and spends much more time than I've ever seen before waiting for the right entry points into trades - he's cauitous and patient - two very admirable qualities in a trader for me these days.

More and more, I'm moving towards picking the safer, lower-risk traders to try to keep things as stable as possible. That means expecting lower profits, but to be honest, seeking big wins has never done me any favours...

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