Etoro Copy Trading Update – 25/November/2018

In this update about my copy trading on Etoro, I talk about how one of the traders I have been copying has hit the automatic 'Copy Stop Loss' feature, so I'm not copying them any more.

The 'Copy Stop Loss' is a way to automatically set how much money you are willing to lose on each trader you're copying, so the system can automatically stop the copy if that amount is ever reached.

I also talk about the other traders in my portfolio, how I have lowered my expectations of earnings after the wild days of crypto in 2017, and why I sometimes think the traders we copy sometimes need a little more empathy and possibly space to think than we give them...

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I know it may seem like I'm letting them off the hook, but really, can you imagine the time and energy it must take these guys and girls to respond to all the comments and questions they receive ?

It might explain why, after becoming a 'PI' (Popular Investor - the people we can copy on Etoro) many traders suddenly register a dip in performance and big changes to their trading style. Maybe we need to just leave them alone to get on with what they were doing 🙂 Not sure...

Part of being a PI on Etoro is that you have to communicate with the people who are copying you. To a degree, it's actually in the rules. But still, if what we want is results, maybe Etoro could give them an optional 'Mute' button 🙂

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