Etoro Copy Trading Update – 14/December/2018

In this copy trading update about my account on Etoro, I go over the three traders I'm copying, and analyse their results a bit. One of them is trading pure Forex, another is focusing on cryptocurrencies, and the third is mainly trading indices over shorter time-frames.

I go over each of their stats pages and show a bit of the trade history of each to get an idea of their methodology and performance. All of the copies are new, so it's early-days with each of them, and I'm watching how they're doing.

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Throughout 2018, I was much more passive as I didn't want to close my copies and lock in the losses from all of those cryptos which were losing money all year. But eventually, those copies closed, and now I'm much more active again, looking for the best traders to copy in my new portfolio.

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