Etoro Copy Trading Update – 13/Jan/2019

I've copied two new traders - one specialising in Forex, and the other in a range of assets, but mostly equities (Stocks).

Here's my profile on Etoro:

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Why did I copy them?

So, Citadelpoint just seems to know his stuff. He's a bit of a highly qulified numbers man, and actually works in the trading industry - I've read one of his academic papers and it was extremely smart. I know he doesn't have a lot of trading history on Etoro, but I want to give him a shot and see how it goes...

Chocowin does have a proven track record - I had actually reviewed his profile a few months ago, and passed on copying him, but having re-analysed everything, I've decided to copy him and watch his progress. He mainly trades equities, but doesn't limit himself to them - there's also some indices and commodities in his portfolio from time to time and he seems to understand the ways all the assets are linked ('Correlations') so that should hopefully allow him to capitalise on a variety of market conditions, as, if one asset isn't performing well, he'll know which other asset to switch to in order to make profits. We'll see!

For some time, I've been shying away from equities traders as I've been getting worried about the buy-and-hold approach a lot of traders were using in 2017... what happens if the downturn which so many people are predicting actually happens - I don't want a portfolio full of traders who just wait and wait and lose all my money. So, I've been looking for someone who does have exposure to equities, but who also looks like they're able to cut losses, and switch to other asset classes should the context of the markets change, and the need arise. I'm hoping Chocowin's that guy.

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