Etoro Copy Trading Update – 11/Jan/2019

In this video, I'm talking about my copy trading portfolio on Etoro, and how I've changed some of the traders I'm copying.

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Firstly, I uncopied my crypto trader "SaveTheAnimals" because everything was a bit flat for now, and I think the money can be used better elsewhere. I'm still on the lookout for crypto traders to copy though, as I think the future of cryptos is going to be huge still.

I also talk about "ChineseTiger" - a trader I very recently copied who's been making some really risky trades. I have stopped copying him as he lost over 10% of what I invested with him in just a couple of days, and his risk management seemed pretty much non-existant. It's not what I want for the portfolio - big risk and big fluctuations aren't for me any more. I do discuss his charts, and how there does seem to be some rationale to his losing trades, but it's just nowhere near the style of trading I'm looking for - much too risky for me.

I also talk about how something seems to be wrong with the statistics. I'm not sure what's going on there, but they seem to be off in quite a lot of instances. Etoro told me to let them know if I find any bugs, so I've passed my concerns onto them, and so far they haven't got back to me. My copy of DazPanda is also showing unrealistic statistics, which I've asked DazPanda about and he's noticed it too. We'll see what happens. I have yet to fully understand how they're calculating the trading statistics - it's just very difficult to see what's truly happening there.

I've copied the trader 'Chocowin' too as I'd recently re-analysed his statistics and I've decided to give him a try...

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